Mission & Doctrine


Puebla Christian School provides a Biblically-focused 1st through 12th grade education, with an English-language US-curriculum. PCS serves families seeking a Christian education in an international environment that promotes holistic growth and academic excellence.


A summary of the PCS doctrinal statement is as follows:

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, verbally inspired and inerrant in the original manuscripts, and that it is completely sufficient as our rule of faith and practice; that there is one Eternal God Who exists in three equal persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; that man was directly created in the image of God, that he is condemned to spiritual death by his fall into sin, and that the guilt, death and condemnation of sin passes to all men; that the incarnation of Christ is vicarious, His resurrection corporal, and that He ascended to the right hand of the Father; that whoever places his faith in Christ is justified by His blood shed on the cross; that regeneration and positional sanctification are the work of the Holy Spirit carried out in the moment one believes in Christ; that the Church is made up of all believers who are baptized into the body of Christ by the Spirit the moment they believe and that the mission of the Church is to edify the saints and preach the Gospel to the lost; that the Church will be raptured before the tribulation and that Christ will return bodily to establish His millennium reign on the earth; that the just and the unjust will be raised, the saved to eternal blessing and the ungodly to eternal punishment.


A well-formulated and biblically based statement of philosophy is the touchstone from which a Christian school’s aims and objectives are derived. The ultimate objective of the Christian school is to glorify God, corporately and individually. In achieving this goal, one must consider the major objectives of the spiritual and moral development of the pupil, his personal and social growth and interaction, his academic achievement and growing worth in service to others. The following statement expresses what Puebla Christian School believes with respect to education and its role as an educational enterprise.


God is revealed in the Scriptures to be the creator and sustainer of all things, the originator of all knowledge. He is wholly responsible for the existence of all living things. God is the source of all truth and has chosen to reveal Himself to man.


Man was created by God in His own image with the purpose of reflecting that image in this world. Man rebelled against God and is by nature a sinner without the ability to reflect the nature of God. In Christ Jesus that image has been renewed and man became capable of receiving all of God’s revealed truth, of communing with God, and communicating God to others.


God has revealed Himself to man through the Living Word, Jesus Christ. The Bible is the source book for true knowledge and wisdom, by which we may live. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to integrate the content of each subject in the curriculum with the truth revealed in the Scriptures. Jesus Christ is the perfect manifestation of God and it is only through receiving Him as Savior that one can be personally related to God. He is the personification of the knowledge and wisdom of God and the perfect example to the believer for living a life pleasing to God.


What we believe about God, man and how God has revealed Himself to man causes us to seek a truly Biblical correlation in every subject area. In the educational process, two people are involved – the teacher and the pupil. The Holy Spirit is God’s agent to teach and guide both teacher and pupil into all truth and bring each one into conformity to God’s revealed will. This is true reality, not material and temporal, but spiritual and eternal.